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Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Air - Why are they one of the best?

Allegiant Air was founded in 1997 and is one of the US low cost airlines. They also fly charter flights to some locations, such as Mexico. They are known for their friendly and professional staff and employees. Plus, they are all skilled and trained in the latest FAA requirements for their passenger’s safety and security.
Some of their best destinations are their links from places like Florida and Las Vegas to head to California cities, as well as places in Hawaii and beaches like Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. Besides offering normal everyday low cost fares, they also have travel packages that include your hotel, rental car and other activities. They now fly to many popular locations and in 2010 bought several new Boeing 757 aircraft to better serve their passengers.

Allegiant takes care of their passengers   

Allegiant Air’s motto is “Travel is our deal.” They are geared towards giving passengers a great travel deal no matter where they are heading. They strive to make everyone’s trip go the best it can possibly go and to get them there safe, sound and secure and are continuously working to add even more destinations, products and services.

Passengers can enjoy amenities like being able to book and check in online for their tickets, as well as choose their seats, and they offer ways to get priority boarding, as well as check their bags. Once onboard, passengers are cheerfully served snacks and beverages by smiling professional flight attendants.

So, if you are heading on a vacation and can leave from one of Allegiant Air’s hubs, then choose to fly this low cost and friendly airlines for you next trip. You will not be disappointed with the charm and the professionalism of this top airline.