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How To Save On Vacations - 10 Tips

Everyone loves going on vacation, but no one loves the high costs involved that can ruin your fun.
Rent a car – This may sound like a bad idea, but it can actually save money. Having a car means not having to pay for taxis, shuttles or buses. It means you can choose the time you leave or get somewhere. Plus, sometimes you can use coupons or airline miles and get it really cheap, so be sure to look around.
Get a hotel where breakfast is free – You can save a lot of money by staying in a hotel chain that gives free breakfast to guests, especially if you have kids. Some even serve full hot breakfast, which would cost a lot in a restaurant.
Eat some meals in your room – Buy a loaf of bread, some peanut butter, fruit, and some bottled water. If you occasionally eat a quick lunch in your room, you can save some bucks to spend elsewhere.
Use coupons – There are lots of coupons to help get discounts on hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc.
Bring your own stroller – Don’t rent a baby stroller, just bring your own to save cash.
Bring your own water bottles – You can fill these up on your trip at water fountains or the hotel sinks.
Buy multi-day attraction passes – These are good deals and are discounted more than single day passes.
Book online – Many places charge more for things like hotel rooms or flights if you talk to a real person.
Decide how much to spend – Give everyone a set amount to spend on your holiday and try not to charge things because you will not know what you are spending.
Look for free fun activities – For example, have a swim in the hotel pool, or go to the beach or look for local free things like museums or other attractions.