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Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines - Why are they one of the best?

Founded in 1980 as Charter One Airlines, Spirit Airlines calls itself the “most consumer-friendly airline in the world.” It received a name change to Spirit Airlines in 1992 and transitioned into a low cost airline carrier in 2007. Now, they provide flights in the US, Latin America and the Caribbean.
Spirit Airlines helps passengers to save money on airline tickets by charging very low basic fares, and then adding on optional services for varying fees. This allows customers to pick and choose the services they desire.
Spirit Airlines has a modern fleet of planes, and through its innovative procedures, it is helping the environment by burning less fuel per each seat than other airlines. This makes them environmentally friendly and promoting a green way of running their business.
Some of the basics of what Spirit Airlines offers to customers includes very low basic fares, easy check-in procedures, online booking, reliable and on-time services, clean and fuel efficient planes, a friendly staff of employees, deluxe leather seats in the planes, allows one personal item to fit under the seat, plus it is the largest ULCC network in the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean.

Spirit Airline’s optional products and services include items such as a larger and wider front seat with extra legroom, assigned seats, travel insurance, snacks and drinks onboard, and vacation packages such as hotels, cars, and cruises. Passengers will be charged extra for these items, but they only have to buy them if desired.
The bottom line is that Spirit Airlines is working hard to satisfy its customers and to be one of the best airlines in the US and the world. The next time you fly, consider flying with Spirit Airlines and see what everyone is talking about.